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Are you uncomfortable on a 2 wheel scooter? Well maybe you would like to try out one of our trike scooters(3 wheel scooters). They are all in stock for immediate delivery. Or maybe you would like to build your own trike, our trike scooter conversion kit is $1099 for the 150cc version and we can ship it to your door for just $99. Contact us. More about our trike scooter conversion kit here.

How about this one? It's a 150cc gasoline powered scooter, with a top speed of about 60 mph. We can also install a trike kit on just about any scooter, in any color you want; and we can custom paint your trike also.


Maybe you want a 250cc trike. You pick the bike, we'll build the trike.

We can build all kinds of different makes and models of scooter trikes.Or you can purchase a kit and build it yourelf.

Trike Conversion Kit

Our trike conversion kit fits just about any 150cc scooter without any modification to the kit. Or we can modify the kit to fit your 250, 260, or 300 scooter . If you would like for us to install the kit onto your existing scooter, please contact us

This kit will make your scooter a real trike; 3 wheels - not 4 like the Tow-Pack kit. Not only does it come with a real differential axle; it comes with a complete rear Disc brake system, suspension system, alloy wheels, fenders and all the hardware you need.

The above trike was assembled in under two hours, no body panels needed to be removed or modified. We disgarded the forward rear mud shield and rear wheel assembly.

The trike conversion kit is simple to install. Remove the muffler, rear wheel and shocks; install the spocket to the rear axle. Next remove the main engine swing carrier bolt and slip the trike swing frame to the carrier bolt. Bolt the trike axle to the trike swing frame and install the 2 rear tires. Now all that is left is to install the 2 new rear shocks and the new rear Dis brake line and master cylinder. Add on the 2 rear fenders and then take your new trike out for a test ride.

Click on images to enlarge. Here are some photos of a trike kit being installed.

Here the rear wheel, muffler and shocks have been removed and the trike carrier frame bolted on. The scooter model we are building in these photos is a touring model, and requires that most of the body panels be removed to replace the shocks. The silver trike above does not need any body panels removed.

This photo shows the shocks installed,the spocket, right hand axle frame support and most of the body panels removed.

Next we'll install the rear axle and start reassembling the body panels. Before we can finish the body assembly we will need to see how the stock muffler fits.

This photo shows an OUTS muffler installed, it needs to be reangled to match the body lines. We will accomplish this by cutting 3/4 of the way through the exhaust pipe where the muffler is welded, then re-weld the cut.

We have notched the underside of the rear quarter panel to allow for muffler clearance with spring compression. The trike conversion will be complete when we paint the silver fenders to match the body. The silver fenders do look well on the bike as you see in the next photo, but we want them blue.


Here the bike is completed, except for the paint on the fenders. We may also do some trimming on the fenders to shorten them up to give the bike a different look. Click on it to enlarge the image.

This body style we choose to convert is available as a 150, 250 and 300cc. You are going to love the rear wheels when you see the enlarged image.

Be sure to send us photos of your trike when your done. We built a TGB Delivery trike. The trike scooter required a minor modification to the stock swing arm shock mountings and re-bending the muffler pipe downward.

Our 150 kit fits the GY6 style from LinHia-Yamaha, the VOG 260/300. On the VOG 260 engine you also need to modify the swing arm slightly, moving one cross brace forward and the two shock mounts.

Our trike conversion kit fits just about any 150cc GY6 scooter without any modification to the kit. Or we can modify the kit to fit your 250, 260, or 300 scooter

We now have a trike kit that will fit all CN250's without modification to the kit, starting at $1449. It is not a swing arm, but rather an extension of the engine housing and axle carrier. You may need to drill a hole on the right side axle carrier to bolt the 250 kit on.
The Click here for photos of the 250 kit

Our stock drive sprocket fits all drive axle splines measuring 20mm outside and 18mm inside. The VOG 260, GY6style engines have a 21mm - 18mm; no problem here, a little filing of the spline makes the sprocket fit perfectly.

The CN250 & CF250 vertical cylinder Honda requires a different spline which comes from your scooter. And the drive sprocket must be welded to your spline.

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