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Electric scooters and mopeds are available in several styles and colors, blue, silver, red, black and gold. We normally stock the most popular colors and custom paint jobs can be added. And as a added bonus you can get a 10% of the cost as a tax credit on some models.



Some electric scooters and mopeds, as the mopeds above and the scooter below do not require drivers licenses or insurance or registration. They fall under the bicycle laws, so long as they have pedals(which you do not have to use) and can only travel at speeds under 20 mph without pedaling, if you pedal you can go as fast as you like. All gas mopeds must be registered in Florida and a drivers license is required. This means that if you do not have a drivers license you can still have transportation, without having to pedal. These mopeds reach speeds up to 25 mph.


This 2 wheel model shown is by far our most popular electric scooter. Its' range is about 35 miles & speeds up to 23 mph. The range can be increased to more than 70 miles for just a few dollars more. This bike can regain your independence, if you do not have a drivers license. Pick your color and we'll bolt on the pedals and you are driving again. This bike comes is several colors starts at just $1199.





This electric scooters is a bit smaller and lighter. It has a top speed of about 25 mph and travels about 17 miles per charge. This scooter also does not require a drivers license comes in a variety of colors and costs on $949




Electric scooters cost about $.01 per mile to operate so they are very economical to own.

This great looking trike is all electric with a top speed rated at 18 mph and can be programmed to reach speeds of 23 mph. It also does not require a drivers license, it is classified as an electric personal assistive mobility device. This model is available in several colors, Red, Black, Silver, Blue, Green and Yellow and sells for just $2099.00

Come on in to our showroom in Pt St Lucie on US 1 and take a test drive. We have the largest inventory in the area and we'll beat our competitors price.

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