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To start building your dream scooter trike is simply, contact us and we will call you. The scooter trike kit is $1199 and shipping to most of the CONUS is $99

We will need to know what you will need as far as what the drive sprocket requirements are. You can order the sprocket assembly you want from the list below when you order the kit . Or if your not sure which drive sprocket assembly you want at this time; you can order the drive sprocket assembly when your ready for it and just pay for separate mailing, normally $7.25. This option is strongly recommended. Below are your options for the sprocket and spline plate assembly. Allow 72 hours for machine shop work.

Our standard drive sprocket assembly is a 31 or 34 tooth aluminum sprocket with an 1.5" center hole. Mated with a 1/4" thick 3.5" spline plate that has a .960 center hole.The 5/16" bolt holes are approximately 1.375" spacing. Which is 1.25" out from the center of the spline plate or 2.5" diagonally spaced. This is included in you kit, you may wish to substitute one of the following options. Prices do not include shipping.You will need to machine the center hole on the spline plate to fit your spline.

  1. Large 4.675" spline plate with your choose of diagonally spaced bolt holes. Perpendicular spacing available is 2 3/8, 2 3/4, 3 3/8, and 3 13/16. $15.00

  2. Spline plate machined to your size spline $35.00

  3. Your spline machined round. $35.00

  4. Your spline *mated to the spline plate. (option 2 & 3) $70.00

  5. Resurface, true up, spline plate after welding $25.00

  6. The 19 tooth spline for the VOG(comes with the kit)*mated to spline plate $35.00.

  7. 31 tooth aluminum sprocket (150 scooters, 250 scooters used in very hilly terrain) $0.00

  8. 37 tooth aluminum sprocket (recommended for 400cc and up) $15.00

  9. The aluminum sprocket with a custom size center hole. $25.00

  10. Counter sunk bolt heads and sprocket machined for bolts $40.00

  11. Custom one off drive sprocket and or spline plate assembly, you tell us the size of the center holes and bolt hole spacing and the maximum height the bolt heads can protrude. Double thick spline plate with a recess. You can even order a custom sprocket tooth count. Contact us for pricing.

The term Mated means:

  1. For Spline Plate to Spline-machined to fit, Not a pressed on fit, a few thousand of an inch clearance, not weld together, but ready for welding

  2. Spline Plate to sprocket-holes drilled so that the sprocket only fits together one way

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